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Bryan Chadima
(310) 403-6336

This is a nostalgia trip filled with music, jokes, laughter, audience participation, and memories that will make your audience recall, just for a moment, how amazing it felt to be alive in the 80s! Merging pop culture callbacks with tasty vocal renditions of mixes, medleys, and deep cuts from the Great American Songbook of the 80’s, this awesome quintet of singers weaves a wall of wonderous sound and sensation that is guaranteed to delight. From ‘A Flock of Seagulls’ to ‘ZZ Top,’ from ‘Africa’ to ‘Asia’ via U2, Starship, and Cars, breaking hearts with Tom Petty and some Pat Benatar along the way, Acapella Time Machine cranks up the volume on its boom box and takes us all for an epic ride to remember. Your very own ‘Excellent Adventure!’